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  • Dry Cleaning For Wedding Dresses

  • Finding the perfect dress for your big day is only half the battle. When you want to hold onto this treasured item it’s important to properly clean it. Some brides take photos prior to their big day, and if their dress gets soiled or stained during photos. These brides should dry clean their wedding dress before the big day and after so the material is in the best condition before it is packaged away. If you leave your wedding dress in a soiled state, it will only cause more damage.

    We take wedding dress dry cleaning seriously and just as with all other clothing we use the utmost care and caution when handling your wedding dress.

    Check one thing off of your to-do list for the big day. We have got this one covered so you are one step closer to your happily ever after. When the big day is over, don’t sweat it, we will be there for you again to ensure your wedding dress is in the best condition whether you store it for memories or to pass it down.

    We’ll ensure that your wedding dress is in good shape for years to come. Leave your wedding dress dry cleaning and formal dress dry cleaning duties with either of our Eco-Green Drycleaners locations in Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg.