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  • We’re happy to provide top-of-the-line dry cleaning services and pride ourselves on doing it the eco-friendly way. Learn more about our outstanding dry cleaning services by reading the reviews below. Already used our services? Consider leaving us a review too!

     Emily Nicole, December 19, 2016

    I am extremely pleased with the alterations I had done. 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt. One pair of jeans were taken down a size and they looked brand new!! Very happy and will be returning!
    Jennifer Gilbert Ramagosa · June 1, 2016

    As a regular drycleaning customer, I am loving the change to eco-green! No more harsh chemicals for this family! The clothes are clean and have a wonderful fresh new smell that I’m really liking. Pick up and drop off service has been a real time saver and I’m not spending any more then when I had to pick them up on my own! Keep up the great work and terrific customer service!!
    James Collins, Fulkner Honda Used Cars, Paxton Street, Harrisburg, PA, December 19, 2016
    Amazing service!!! Highly recommended!!! And very affordable!!!
    Faith McGill

    Faith McGill, May 1, 2016
    I cannot give Eco Dry Cleaner in Mechanicsburg, PA anything less than a 5 star rating.
    The owner/operator & seamstress served my daughter & I above & beyond the call of duty.
    As is our unfortunate habit, she & I procrastinated on having her beautiful & expensive junior prom gown altered.
    A mere three days before the special evening, I was calling every tailor, seamstress, & dry cleaner within reasonable driving distance: nothing!
    My gym happens to be in the same plaza as Eco Dry Cleaners. With a mere 2 days now left, I noticed Eco for the first time. Not holding much hope, I walked in & presented my dilemma to the owner/operator.
    What a kind & accommodating gentleman! Immediately he contacted his seamstress & began to lay plans to get my daughter’s gown altered. If it took staying at work after hours or opening earlier in the morning, he & his seamstress were willing to solve our problem.
    When we went for the fitting, it was clear Eco Dry Cleaner wants to be, not only a fine, ecologically sound dry cleaner, but also a professional tailoring/alteration service their clients can trust with their garments. Even the logistics of changing into & out of clothes, pinning, marking, & discussing options is streamlined & comfortable with a private changing booth & platform.
    My daughter’s dress had intricate beading in the bodice & the skirt was made of 2 layers of flowing tissue thin fabric. Clearly our seamstress has had years of experience working with all types of fabric. Even the owner/operator offered a useful piece of fashion advice with which the seamstress concurred. Our gown was ready for pick-up the next morning, the very morning of the prom! The finished bodice fit my daughter as though it had been made specifically for her & the hem of the gown just “kissed” the floor, exactly as a full length gown should.
    I cannot thank Eco Dry Cleaner enough.
    While making these arrangements, I had the pleasure of chatting with Eco’s owner/operator & found additional reasons to use & recommend his business. He is commited to dry cleaning methods and materials that are healthy for his clients & our planet. He is commited to providing a good work environment & fair wages to his employees. As his business prospers, he is committed to “giving back” to the community that supports him. His attitude toward building clientele is particularly refreshing. He intends build his business serving one client at a time. I paraphrase his own words: “When you treat a client the way you would like to be treated, when you do not gouge him or her, when you take responsibility for doing the kind of work he or she expects, you have a client for life.” This seems to be the philosophy at Eco Dry Cleaner. Certainly I have become an Eco client. I would add, Eco did not charge us an extra fee for the irregular hours & rush processing that went into our gown.

    We do not intend to require a rush job for next spring when senior prom rolls around, but we do intend to use the tailoring services at Eco Dry Cleaner in Mechanicsburg, PA to make that senior prom gown fit like a glove!

    Thanks, Eco-Green Drycleaners.

    Lenny Caron, January 4, 2016. 
    David M. Glasgow, August 15, 2016 
    The first and best green drycleaner in the area!
    Brian Jones, April 17, 2016.   
    Great staff and customer service. This is a great new business to our community that everyone needs to support.
    Dear Eco-Green, I am so happy I found you on Groupon! You did a great job on all my suits, shirts and even the leather jacket. I love the door to door service you provide. The laundry bag you gave me is very functional and your prices are more than fair. I most definitely am using you as my regular dry-cleaners and will recommend you to all my friends. God Bless, Doug H