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  • Leather & Suede Dry Cleaning

  • The comfort and versatility of leather and suede clothing is what makes them quite possibly the favorite garments in your closet. There is nothing more exciting than finding a leather jacket with a perfect fit. That is why it is so important to properly care for your leather and suede clothing.             

    Dry cleaning is the appropriate method of cleaning for both leather and suede clothing. Leather dry cleaning is never a simple or easy process. This material can have a sudden fragility if it is not cared for properly. Suede dry cleaning is the same way. Stain removal is especially hard for suede material and that is why it is important to ensure your suede dry cleaning and leather dry cleaning is done properly to maintain the integrity of the clothing.              

    We understand the importance your clothing has to you and in all cases handle clothing with the utmost care to make sure your items return to you in perfect shape.

    Our process is eco-friendly as well as safe for your clothing. It is important to know that the longer your clothes are left in a soiled state, the harder it will be to return them to new. So come as soon as possible to take care of your leather dry cleaning and suede dry cleaning with Eco-Green Drycleaners.