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  • Why We’re Eco-Friendly

  • You need to look your best.  We know that.  And drycleaning avoids the wrinkling and shrinkage that can be caused by laundering sensitive fabrics in water.  But you may have heard that drycleaning solvent is hazardous to humans and the environment—and you’ve heard right!

  • Why We Don’t Use “Perc”

    It doesn't take much digging to discover the many health & safety concerns surrounding traditional drycleaning:

  • What We Use Instead

    Of course, modern "dry-in, dry-out" drycleaning equipment minimizes the amount of perc that escapes into the environment.  But no system is perfect, and even the best modern equipment still allows some perc to escape through evaporation and spillage—even when everything is working the way it's supposed to.

    That's why we at Eco-Green have chosen to avoid the dangers of perc drycleaning entirely, and to place ourselves on the forefront of the movement to use less dangerous chemicals to provide high-quality drycleaning services, by investing in equipment that uses hydrocarbon instead of perc to clean your fabrics.

  • Other Ways We Care for the Earth

    Eliminating perc is the most obvious way a drycleaner can show respect for our ecosystem.  But there's more!

    Whenever possible, we use equipment that meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements for energy efficiency.  And the personalized attention we give each piece allows us to minimize our use of resources—tagging individual pieces and identifying and treating spots separately allows us to do what it takes to get your clothes clean, without wasting resources needlessly.