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  • Dry Cleaning

  • Clothes that are made of certain material or that are delicate require dry-cleaning. Some of these fabrics include silk, velvet, wool, taffeta among others. Unfortunately, the chemicals used in normal dry-cleaning have negative effects on the environment.

    Eco-Green has taken a different approach by offering organic dry cleaning. We are eco-friendly dry cleaners that take great care of your clothes. If you want your clothes looking brand new, and want them to last a long time but are aware of the negative effects dry cleaning can cause, then we are the dry cleaning service for you.

    We understand that your dry clean only clothes are very important to you and we, as eco-friendly dry cleaners, take the utmost care when handling your clothes.

    Our process is similar to normal dry cleaners, but we use different, environmentally friendly solvents that allow us to do organic dry cleaning. These solvents are as safe for your clothes as they are for the ecosystem. We care about the environment and we care about your clothes, so bring your dry cleaning to us at any of our locations.